Non Album Songs

This is a collection of songs that I’ve fully finished that were never a part of other projects. We The People was commissioned from my uncle for a book he was writing. Pluto was made as a spec piece for a larger concept album about all the planets of the solar system that was never started. The rest were done as independent songs created between 2005-2009.

Songs From The Bedroom

Songs From The Bedroom was recorded during the summer of 2003 for a CD contest flyer I saw at Guitar Center being put on by a local car dealership. As the title states, all these songs were recorded and mixed in my room using my Dell Inspiron 5000 along with a Tascam USB Audio Interface. I used Sonar’s Cakewalk.

Kelly MaChinko – Two Drums and a Loaded Cannon

Done as a collaborative effort from my high school band, we produced this three track CD to hand out for free our last year of high school. I’m on guitar, Paul is on drums, and Rob is on bass.

Photo Gallary

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